FusionInvoice is a self hosted invoicing system for freelancers and small businesses. Ditch the monthly fees! FusionInvoice is yours. Forever.

Host on your own server.

This is the magic behind FusionInvoice – pay once and install it on your own server! There are no monthly fees to continue using FusionInvoice – pay once and use it forever!

Sending the same invoices each month?

Nobody enjoys creating the same invoice over and over again each month for their clients. Nobody! Recurring invoices are an easy way to set it and forget it – your invoices will be sent out on the frequency you choose so you’ll never have to worry about keeping track again.

Multiple currency support.

Have clients all around the world? No problem! Invoicing clients in their own currency couldn’t be simpler. Clients can pay in their own currency – FusionInvoice handles the rest.

Support matters!

We are here for you when you need us. We take great pride in offering a top-notch customer support experience! We wouldn’t matter without you, so we’re committed to taking care of you. We love supporting you.

Get paid.

Clients pay more quickly when it’s convenient. Your clients can view and pay their invoices online using the built-in PayPal, Stripe and Mollie integrations. Your clients will love how easy this is.

Everything is customizable.

FusionInvoice comes with sensible default settings and templates pre-configured, but everything is extremely customizable. Invoice and quote templates are standard HTML & CSS and everything else is conveniently configured in system settings.

Save frequently used items.

The item lookups feature is a handy way to save the name, description and price for all of your frequently invoiced items to help save even more time.

Import data from anywhere.

Data can be quickly imported from any system that can provide the data in CSV format.

Want us to talk you through it?

If it sounds a bit geeky, don’t worry – simply get one of our
support team member to call you.

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